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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear, friends.

Please read carefully the FAQ below to ensure your safe purchasing

Payment & Shipping

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We ship worldwide. Using any shipping company according to your location.

We also ship nationwide to all cities in Indonesia. We use JNE Shipping Company (

JNE offers Economical, Regular and Fast Service.



  1. Eclipse 7 Shoes will ship the products within 24 hours after you’ve made the order
  2. Eclipse 7 Shoes does not process the order on public holidays
  3. Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.00. Saturday, 09.00 – 12.00. GMT +7
  4. Eclipse 7 Shoes will send the track number after received from JNE
  5. Eclipse 7 Shoes does not responsible in risk of loss of the products after JNE delivers to the designated address. Make sure you wrote the right address completely.
  6. If the goods are returned to us, customers are obligated to pay the shipping fee one more time if the mistakes are due to customer’s conditions.
  7. Eclipse 7 Shoes will give free shipping to the customer if we make mistakes in typing the address.
  8. We do not responsible for any additional taxes and duties charged. If you decide to refuse the delivery, you are responsible in all fees charged by shipping company. (both for sending and returning the product to us)

Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact our admin if there’s something to ask.

How Can I Return A Product?

-Return policy-

1. If you receive one of the following issues, you can ask for a return and we will exchange it with new product(s)

– faulty or incomplete product

– a different product with the one you ordered

2. Contact us within 3 days after you received our package via email please mention the reason why you want to return the product (see point 1)

3. We will respond within 2 days by giving you an address so you can send the product back to us

4. You need to send it within 3 days after you received our confirmation. You also need to send the product tags and packing as you received it.

5. We will only process your claim if we received the return in 7 days period. Exemption can be made if there are mistakes from us or the courier.

6. If the product that you want to exchange is not available you can wait around 14 working-days (from ur confirmation) so we can produce it for you.

7. You are responsible for all shipping costs associated with getting your order back to us. The costs for sending the new product to you will be covered by us.

Important notes

Returned products must have the same condition as you received, not used or modified. If we received the product that is used, damaged or modified we wont process the claim and then we will return the product to you.

Thank you


Return Policy (ketentuan pengembalian) :

  1. Barang bisa dikembalikan dan ditukarkan dengan yang baru apabila :
  • Barang diterima dalam keadaan rusak
  • Barang yang diterima tidak sesuai dengan barang yang dipesan
  1. Hubungi kami melalui email ke Maksimal 3 hari setelah barang diterima. Berikan alasan mengapa anda ingin mengembalikan produk tersebut sesuai dengan poin nomor 1.
  2. Kami akan merespon anda (maksimal 2 x 24 jam) dan kami akan berikan alamat untuk pengembalian produk tersebut.
  3. Anda mempunyai waktu 3 hari setelah menerima respon dari kami untuk mengembalikan produk tersebut. Dengan tags dan packing yang masih ada.
  4. Barang hanya akan ditukarkan dengan yang baru jika kami menerima pengembalian barang dari anda maksimal 7 hari setelah kami mendapatkan konfirmasi pengembalian barang. Pengecualian dapat terjadi bila ada kesalahan pada kurir atau kesalahan dari kami.
  5. Jika barang yang ingin di tukar dalam keadaan “sold out”, maka anda dapat menunggu selama 14 hari kerja dari barang kami terima. Kami akan memproduksinya untuk anda.
  6. Biaya pengembalian sepenuhnya menjadi tanggungan anda. Biaya pengiriman barang baru sepenuhnya menjadi tanggungan kami.

Catatan khusus :

Produk yang ingin ditukar harus masih dalam keadaan baru dan belum digunakan. Jika barang yang di kembalikan dalam keadaan rusak, terkena noda atau telah diubah, maka kami tidak akan menerima dan akan kami kirimkan kembali kepada anda.

Have any questions we didn't answer?
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