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Who We Are

Eclipse 7 Shoes is a premium Indonesian men’s shoe brand. Crafted locally in Bandung, all products are handmade by highly skilled local shoemakers whose expertise have been handed down for generations. No two shoes are identical, thus each pair is uniquely yours.

Founded in July 7th 2010, Eclipse 7 Shoes uses only the best materials to ensure comfort and durability.

Our signature materials include top genuine leather. In our portfolio of men’s shoes are dress shoes, semi dress shoes, and casual shoes.

We design, craft and produce every shoe with the young urban people in mind – those with a passion for fashion and are constantly in the lookout for quality footwear that are contemporary yet timeless.

The Strength

Eclipse 7 Shoes was born with a big dream to share our pride.

To design, to create, and to make them classy fit your feet.

We are proudly young folks growing up in the creative mood to be your best friend for your daily activities.

We have our own workshop to ensure the shoes in good quality control. We are not dealing with the third party to produce the shoes.
We are hiring the high skilled shoe makers in town to constructed the shoes using the finest materials that we’ve got from the experienced suppliers.
We have a dynamic team to build this brand growing up. To hear, to plan, to innovate, to evaluate, to make, to do, to progress, and to spread the kindness to another. 
The Founders

Rizal Adhitya Soepian & Rian Adhiharna Soepian

Our Team

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